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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

All you do is register with Survey Well. It is 100% free, then you just wait for the invitations to come in. All you need is an email address and internet access for about 20 minutes to complete a survey. Time to let your opinion be known, and get rewarded for that opinion.

What does it cost you?

Absolutely nothing. Registration with Survey Well is 100% free.

How does it benefit you?

In many, many unique ways:

Access to the largest and most generous survey companies in South Africa through one, singular portal.

Get rewarded for your opinion. Earn cash and prizes for your thoughts.

By joining Survey Well, you also automatically qualify for fantastic incentives. Every month, we have a lucky prize draw in which Survey Well members can win Cellphones, Tablets, Televisions and other fantastic stuff.

How do I join?

By filling in your details, you already have. Simple

How much does it cost me to join?

Joining Survey Well is 100% free.

What rewards do I get for completing surveys?

It all depends on the research company doing the survey. Different companies offer different things. Some will offer you a prize, others will offer you points and still others will offer you cash. Before you start a survey you will be notified up front what your rewards will be.

We at Survey Well for example conduct surveys once a month. And those who complete these surveys are entered into a lucky draw, where the winner will receive a great prize, like a Cell Phone, Tablet or even a Flat screen TV, so keep an eye out for this.

How does Survey Well work?

Instead of you searching high and low for surveys, we find them for you. You can either register with 20 survey companies, or register with one survey company and still have access to all surveys.

Is it really free to Join?

Yes it is, Companies need to know what their consumers want in order to offer them the best products.  These companies offer incentives for that information, This is where Surveywell comes in, We provide information through surveys from you the consumer, to  those companies. That is why we are 100% free at no cost to you the consumer.

Can I really make money with online surveys?

Yes! This is no get-rich quick scheme and won’t replace a full-time job, but if you’re willing to commit some time and effort into filling surveys, you’ll find that paid surveys are a great source of extra income!

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